About Us & Schedule


Founded in 2008, Cycle Manoa is a student volunteer organization dedicated to promoting and enabling cycling on the University of Hawaii campus, and throughout the Island.  We provide bike repairs to students, and the general public, for free, and parts at cost, as well as hands on learning of bike repair. If there’s something wrong with your bike, stop by and we’ll help you fix it!

Weekly Schedule

Wednesday: 6 – 8pm| Open Shop

  • Bring your bicycle and your willingness to learn to receive assistance and access to tools for repairs. Cycle Manoa has a wide variety of used parts for sale- though you may need to dig through some bins to find what you want!
  • If you have knowledge of or would like to learn how to fix bicycles, come volunteer to help others!

Sunday: 6 – 8pm | Volunteer

  • Sundays are all about repairing donated bicycles to sell to students in the bike sale each semester. Sunday is a relaxed environment and great for learning how to do repairs. Cycle Manoa is also happy to have volunteers who are interested in sorting parts, cleaning, organizing, and preparing for events.




All of the bikes the Cycle Manoa sells at its semesterly bike sales for students are received as donations, and money is collected only to cover the costs of parts and tools necessary to fix them.  You can help us keep our program running by donating any whole bikes, parts, or tools you have lying around.  Stop by the shop during either of our weekly events.  Every little bit helps!


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