Community Outreach Event Tonight

Aloha all,
The petition rally was a giant success!  Over 60 supporters were present to deliver the petition from1,000+!  Mayor Carlisle and the head of Department of Transportation Services, Wayne Yoshioka, not only gave talks, but joined us in chanting “Complete our street!  Waialae Avenue!  Complete our street!  Waialae Avenue!” 
Now, City Department of Transportation Services is at the point of bringing the proposal of Waialae bike lanes to the community.  AND they need to hear our voices!  We need all of you to join!  Bring your friends, your neighbors, your family!  Bring everyone!

Community Outreach Event
Thursday, April 19 7:00-9:00PM
@ Kaimuki Community Park, 3521 Waialae Avenue

Official DTS community outreach meeting where they will propose putting bike lanes on Waialae Avenue.  They need to hear the voices of community members in favor.  And that doesn’t just mean cyclists, we need voices from everyone in the community.  Two hours of your day can make Waialae a complete street that will benefit all for time to come!  Please, wear yellow or neon green to show your support or HBL or Cycle Manoa shirt.  
Find out more at and like us! 

 – Complete Our Street: Waialae Avenue Team


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