Waialae Action – Strategy Meeting Tonight 6:30PM

Aloha fellow advocates,
A complete Waialae Avenue with bike lanes is at our fingertips!  The strategy meeting on how we are going to make it happen is tonight April 3 6:30PM @ the HBL office 3442 Waialae Ave 2nd floor.  We need to cover the petition rally, canvassing event, and community outreach event.  And how we are going to make these events tip the balance.  Also, we need to fine tune our message, so we are all on the same pages.  Come with ideas and energy.  Please refer to the pasted text below (from the first email) for more details on everything.- Complete Our Street: Waialae Avenue TeamPasted start: 
We are putting together a series of events that will hopefully finalize the decision in favor of bike lanes.  And we need all of you to make it happen!   We still need to do a ton of organizing, so please attend the strategy meeting April 3 6:30PM @ HBL office 3442 Waialae Ave. 2nd floor.
Where we’re at:

DTS has told us that they probably are NOT going to be able to find an engineering solution – meaning that every design option they model still has adverse impacts on vehicular traffic.  Their official position as of present is that they are still assessing alternatives.  Provided they do not find an engineering solution, which they doubt they will, they have committed to taking the question to the community.We asked them to do the community engagement in coordination with us.  They have agreed that they will be having a Waialae bike lanes community engagement event the evening of Thursday, April 19.  The meeting will be conducted in coordination with and have presentations from DTS, Dan Burden (a national expert of complete streets), and HBL and other advocates.  This is a great opportunity to paint a favorable picture of bike lanes and to get the community behind this.

Action Event 1 – Petition Rally
April 5 11:00AM @ Honolulu Hale
The petition in favor of bike lanes of Waialae has been signed by over 1,000!!! (see petition at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/waialaebikelanes/).  The petition will be presented to the mayor, city council members, and the heads of relevant city offices on April 5.  This is also the day the City Council will have a hearing on the Complete Streets ordinance – which is what Waialae is all about.  So the rally will transition from the case of making Waialae a “complete street” to the City & County-wide policy of making all of our island’s streets “complete streets.”
Ivy Chuang is heading up organizing –  info@hnlbike.com
11:00AM Petition to Mayor’s office
11:30AM Petition to City Councilmember’s office and Departmental offices
12:00PM Rally/lunch/networking
1:00PM Testimony
Action Event 2 – Community Canvassing
April 14 Time TDB
Canvassing all of Waialae Avenue – going door-to-door with information on the benefits of making Waialae a complete street with bike lanes, and asking the shop-owners to demonstrate their support by hanging a Complete Our Street: Waialae Avenue poster and coming to the April 19 Community Outreach Event.  Beyond mobilizing support the canvassing will also alert everyone to the presence of the April 19 event.
For the canvassing much still needs to be organized – we need to plan our outreach strategy and fine tune our message.  Please join us for a strategy meeting April 3 6:30PM @ HBL office 3442 Waialae Ave. 2nd floor.
Action Event 3 – Community Outreach Event
April 19 Time & Place TBD
The official DTS sponsored community outreach event.  Getting people here is going to be crucial.  And that doesn’t just mean cyclists, but getting everyone behind it from the community.  Much has yet to be planned for this event – so please attend the April 3 strategy meeting to help us figure it all out.
We can do this!
– Complete Our Street: Waialae Avenue Team

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