ASUH Project Funding Approved

ASUH has once again been generous enough to fund a few projects for us! What does this mean for you?

  • Repaired Pumps
  • New Pumps
  • Bicycle Buyback

First off, we’ll be repairing the Sustainability Courtyard and Hale Aloha pumps as soon as we can get the parts shipped.

Perhaps even more exciting news, is that we’ll be installing new pumps! We’ve learned a lot from our pilot pump program, and will be re-designing the pumps to be more durable.   We hope to be able to distribute 3-4 new pumps around campus, in addition to the 5 old pumps.

Bicycle Buyback will again be happening this semester.  If you have a bike you would like to part with around the end of the semester, bring it by the shop and we can give you $20 for it.  Remember, you’ll need your validated UHM ID to take advantage of this program, as it’s funded by ASUH, which is part of UH Manoa.

We’ll publish detailed information about these project individually as they come to fruition, but wanted to give you an idea of what to look forward to over the rest of the semester.


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