Fixed Pumps, Buyback Continuation, Winter Hours, Bike Sale

This one’s a bit long, but there’s a lot going on this week!

Bike Pumps:

As you may have noticed, the pumps have deteriorated over the course of the semester.  We’ve successfully repaired 4 of the 5 on campus.  Hamilton and Varney Circle have new seals on the heads, and Sinclair and Aloha Courtyard have new universal heads, as the old heads failed completely.  We’re hoping these repairs will at least last through the spring semester.

Unfortunately, the pump in sustainability courtyard was damaged beyond repair, and we have removed it for the time being.  A new pump will cost around $60, and we are currently taking donations towards the new pump, as well as the cost of the repair kits for the other four.

If you use the pumps regularly, please consider a small donation to keep them working.  Even $5 makes a huge difference.  There is a paypal donation link here and over on the right.

Bicycle Buyback Continuation:

We haven’t yet reached our quota for bicycle buyback, and are still looking for more bikes to buy.  If you have a bike you’re looking to get rid of, please bring it in! We’ll give you $20 for it any time up until 1/11.  You can bring it in any time we are in the shop, or email us if that doesn’t work out. Click here for hours, or see the next section.

Winter Hours:

Winter break is upon us, so there will be some changes to the schedule:

  • No organizational meetings during break (first meeting will be 1/18), we will simply be starting open shop early, end time unchanged
  • We are closed 12/25 (Christmas), 12/28, and 1/1 (New years day)
  • Starting 1/4,  Wednesday times will change to Meeting from 5:30 to 6:30, and Open Shop until 8:00pm.

Bike Sale:

It’s the moment everyone has been waiting for! …or at least the announcement pertaining to the moment. Anyway:

The Spring 2012 Bike sale has been schedule for Thursday February 2nd.  We look forward to seeing you all there!


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