Tour de Oahu: Thanksgiving Break 2011

Cycle Manoa celebrated Thanksgiving in grand style, leaving early Friday morning to burn off all of the calories we’d consumed the night before.  Our path took us around Oahu in 3 days, past beautiful beaches, and over some exciting hills.

We left Honolulu on Friday, and rode around the East cost to Malekahana where we spent the night.  We were all still fresh, full of food from the night before, and excited to be on the road. Just look at Zeb and John’s enthusiasm!

Zeb John Bikes

Saturday was a shorter trip around Kaena Point to the satellite observation center on the West Side.  We got plenty of odd looks riding our road bikes down the unpaved trail, but had a blast doing it.  Sadly we were too busy trying not to face plant to grab pictures.

Sunday we started the day of from the observation center with an exhilarating 1200ft decent over 1.89 miles, and finished up the ride around the west coast into town.  We celebrated the 133 mile accomplishment with shave ice and frozen yogurt, and then make a b-line for the showers.

Hope you all had a great break too!  Hope to see some of you on our next ride.

Until then, Ride On!


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