Bicycle Buyback

This semester, we are fortunate enough to have again received funds from ASUH for our bike buy back and redistribution program, which allows us to provide up to 20 quality bicycles to UH students.

The funds allow us to purchase bicycles from UHM students for $20 each, as well as the parts necessary to repair them.  $20 was chosen because it is not large enough a sum to encourage theft, but for those students who are graduating, or leaving the island for other reasons, it presents a convenient opportunity to dispose of their bike in a way that both benefits them, and another student.

All bikes obtained through the buyback will be repaired, and offered to student during our bike sale at the beginning of the Spring Semester 2012.

We will have our buyback event on Wednesday, December 7th, at campus center, at 2:30pm. However, if you would like to get a bike to us before/after that you can always stop by the shop on Wednesday or Sunday evenings during our regular hours.

Technical Stuffs:
Bikes do not have to be in perfect working order, as we will be repairing them before the sale. However, we can’t count a set of handlebars as a whole bike, it has to be at least relatively intact.
Since ASUH funding is to drectly benefit UHM students, you MUST have your validated UHM ID with you, or we will not be able to buy the bike from you.


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