Upcoming Bike Sale

In the past week, we’ve had tens of inquiries about when our bike sale will be, or where students can get a cheap bike. I’m happy to say that we finally have an answer! This semester’s bike sale will be the last week of September…. with the precise date and time TBA. Having just completed our move, we currently have ZERO completed bicycles, but will be doing out best to pound out as many as possible by then. We may not be able to match the 40-50 bicycles of previous semesters due to the condensed time schedule, but we understand that students need bikes ASAP, and a smaller bike sale is preferable to a later bike sale.

As always, we are looking for more volunteers to help with fixing bikes for the sale. Even if you don’t know anything about fixing bikes, please come out – we’ll gladly teach you everything you need to know to fix a bike. The vast majority of our regulars started off with no knowledge of bike repair whatsoever! The more volunteers we have, the more bikes we can fix, and the more students we can provide inexpensive transportation to. Volunteer night is Sundays, 5-8, and open shop is Wednesdays 6:30-8, but if your bike doesn’t have problems, you’re more than welcome to come do some volunteer work on Wednesdays too!


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