New Location Confirmed, No Open Shop This Week

Our new home has been found! We will be moving to one of the portables (Press Building H) near the astronomy building in Manoa, just North of Campus.  Here’s a rough map of how to get to the new shop from our current location.  If you’re driving, you will need to take University to Alaula, as the red line goes through a fire exit.  It’s fine for walking or biking though. (We use it to get to Manoa Marketplace on our bikes on a regular basis)  We don’t have an exact date for the move yet, but we’ll put up information as soon as we know more, so you’ll know where to find us!

NewMapFor those of you wondering, “How am I going to get my broken bike all the way up there!?” don’t worry, we’ll still be having the free wheel once a week during the school year on campus.

This Wednesday evening, following the Bike Sale, the time we usually reserve for open shop will be used packing up the shop to make the move as quick as possible.  If you’d like to come help out, it’s always appreciated!


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