Great Success!

Supporters Group Photo

Today we made a clear statement that we want a complete Waialae, which is safe for everyone including bicyclists! Thank you to the over 100 community members that came with so much constructive energy! Thank you to the AARP who brought out over 20 members including their director Barbara Kim Staton! Thank you to all the organization that helped organize – HBL, Blue Planet and SustainableUH, and thank you to City Council members Ms. Kobayashi and Mr. Chang! Thank you to all the media coverage – Star Advertiser, Civil Beat, NPR, Midweek, Weekly, and KITV.

We have made a giant statement that we want a bicycle friendly Waialae. The power in this statement has come from numbers and our dedication. Let’s keep this going through:
– call City Council Transportation chair Harimoto (768-5008)
– call your City Council rep, emails at
– stay informed by joining the advocacy email list at
– grow this movement! We need a complete King, a complete Bertania, a complete Dillingham, a complete Farrington Highway! A complete Oahu!
– keep on advocating!


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