Complete Our Street: Waialae Avenue

This upcoming Friday we there will be sign waving KAIMUKI Community Park, from 3:30 to 5:30.  The City of Honolulu is moving to repave Waialae without including bike lanes in the coming weeks.  Due to their expense, major changes such as adding bike lanes can only be done as part of repaving projects, which occur about every 15 years.  Bike lanes on Waialae would make the streets safer for bikers, and the sidewalks safer for pedestrians.  This is our chance to make a difference, come show your support this friday, and visit the event page on facebook:

Facebook Event Page

Details and contact information can be found in the following press release.

Press Release:

Complete Our Street: Waialae Avenue
Safe streets that will provide access for all – bicyclists, pedestrians,
motorists, transit users, seniors, and keikis.

Honolulu, Hawaii On May 27, 2011, a rally to “Complete Our Streets” demonstrating community support for making Waialae Avenue a safer environment for all – cyclists, pedestrians, motorists, transit users, seniors, and keikis. Sign-waving 3:30-5:30 p.m. at Kaimuki Community Park, 10th and Waialae Avenue. Rally to follow.

The City & County Department of Transportation Services recently informed our community
they have been exploring bicycle accommodations on Waialae Avenue. However, it was not included in currently planned re-paving/re-striping.

Act 54, “Complete Streets” law adopted in 2009 by the State Legislature mandates “State and County transportation agencies to reasonably accommodate convenient access and mobility for all types of users.”

“Too many times I have heard ‘I’m afraid to ride a bicycle in Honolulu.’ It’s important to create safe and comfortable streets that provide transportation choices that are healthy and sustainable.”
Daniel Alexander, Organizer

A coalition of groups including residents and local merchants are building support for a safer and more accessible Waialae Avenue. Complete Streets are designed to foster healthy lifestyles, reduce pollution and strengthen local businesses.


Media Contacts:
Daniel Alexander

RJ Martin

Facebook Event Page

5/25 Update!

There was an article published in civil beat about the event, link is below:

Waialae Avenue Latest Battleground In Making Honolulu Bike-Friendly – Civil Beat

We also have an official supporters list:


12th Ave Grill
Coffee Talk
Hale Vietnam
Downing Hawaii
Crack Seed Store
Town Restaurant
Yoga Hawaii
Hair Spray Salon
Ark Marketing Group
Green Homes at Lualualei
Salt Kitchen and Tasting Bar
Café Tajmahal
The Burning Tree
Jewel or Juice
BC Burrito
Lighting Elegance
The Kickstand
Lingerie Heaven







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