Spring Break Weekend Ride

At Cycle Manoa, we don’t just fix bikes, we love to ride them too!  Spring break gave us the perfect opportunity to get out and ride.  Last weekend we took a trip up to Malaekahana on the North Shore.  The first day, a 40 mile ride over the Likelike, started with a downpour, but cleared up quickly after we exited the tunnel.  Here’s the rowdy bunch at a stop by the beach: Tree Pic Apparently we also climb trees.

The Second half of the day was a beautiful ride along the North Shore, with a great tail wind.  We made it to our camp site at Malaekahana even earlier than we’d expected, and enjoyed a delicious, much anticipated barbecue after pitching our tents. Camp Arrival Day two was more adventurous.  We had originally planned to go back the way we came, but we found ourselves energized and ready for more, and embarked on a more adventurous route around Kaena Point.  The 80 mile ride had plenty of gorgeous scenery along the generally well paved highways, but the point included some extra excitement; 7 miles of off road riding on road bikes, punctuated by hiking over sand, and climbing around washed out paths.

Our rides are always open to anyone that wants to want to participate! They are always free, and we love new faces!   We’ll try to have details on upcoming rides on the site in the future, though they tend to be spur of the moment.  If you want to be on our email list, just let us know!


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